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The aim of this wiki is the development of a collaboratively edited informational resource related to the philosophy of Polyamory.

The featured article this week is The Definition(s) of Polyamory.

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Current events

  • The Polyamory Wiki was created Nov 17/2005

What is Polyamory?

The concept of polyamory covers a great deal of semantic territory, and can mean very different things to different people. Literally, it means "many loves" (poly = many, amory = love), but both "many" and "love" need further clarification to accurately define the word polyamory.

An entire page (Definition) has been created for the express purpose of discussing the definition of polyamory and to capture the range of definitions in use.

Note that in many ways, a universal definition of polyamory isn't as important as one's personal definition (and the definitions of those with whom you may want to interact). To address this, one of the recommendations associated with the Polyamory wiki is that interested individuals provide their own personal working definition of polyamory (see these recommendations).

Polyamory in Culture

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